Does a horse know when it wins a race? – Horse Racing Entries At Del Mar

A horse has no control over when it wins or loses a race. The horses are expected to obey the race rules, and even more so the referee and his referees, if necessary. Even if the horse has done nothing wrong, the winner of any race will be announced, but the referee is required to announce the name of the winner, unless the horses are to be disqualified. If the horse has been disqualified during the race, the rider must give up the mare.

Can a horse make a mistake, especially in the heat of a race?

No. The horse is expected to follow, under command, and follow the rules of the race. If an animal makes a mistake, then so must an animal act in the heat of a race, whether its mistake was intentional or not.

Can a horse leave the race ground and walk or run away while the race still continues?

No. The races are to continue during any period of time the riders would be able to finish their races, but the riders should use it to rest and recover when they may be ready to race again with a better time. This is not a race as much as a road race, and horses should respect the rules and never leave the course.

Are there special equipment or special races?

Yes. A number of different races have equipment to provide riders with a better advantage. It is not legal to compete with the saddle on unless the rider is certified. Riders will usually be given a choice of shoes from some of the following list. Please note that this list will not guarantee your riding skills to be superior, but instead, helps you ride the course and make the most of your riding experience. This list will include standard saddles and shoes of varying speed, design, hardness, leather used, etc. The list will also include accessories that are only to be used on racing days, except for gloves and safety boots. All these options are provided by some race organizers to assist their riders in ensuring a professional competition, and will give you a better understanding of what you are competing in. All races with additional equipment and other special races may be found at the links below: Equipment and Competitions

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