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When is the top of the day? There are also daily weather and running times.

Where is the track? How long is the course? The horse is not always on the track. How accurate is the track? The length of a track and a speed of a horse are important factors. The track can either be straight (straight) or steep (slope). How accurate is the track? The length of a track is not always constant. Do the numbers mean anything? These numbers are a guide and are only indications. Always get a full run-up to read off the numbers accurately.

What are the races? What races are there? There are over 30 different types of racing, each with their own rules and regulations. You can find an accurate run-up to a race in horses racing. Is there ever a speed or distance limit? There are never speed or distance limits under any circumstances. There are exceptions – see the next category, Race, for more about special circumstances. If there is a speed limit (e.g. 4mph) only do the numbers show how fast the horse must go in order to go for the full 5km (4 miles) to break the 5km record. This is a quick guide only.

What are the racing tracks? Where do they race? There are many different races over the years. The world championships and world championship races are the most famous races. The track is where the horse runs and has the advantage in speed over any other part.

How close must the horse run in order to break the 5km record? When does a horse have to break the 5km record? The fastest and slowest horses are the same in both. The fastest horse breaks the 5km record at 30mph, the slowest at 25mph. A horse with a fast speed at its peak could easily beat the most fast. A horse with a slow speed at its peak could easily beat the least slow. A horse with a high speed speed at its peak could easily beat the slowest horse (the least fast). If there is a world record speed then the horse must break this record and then must race a 1 km lap in a 2 mile time trial. This is an approximate guide only.

When does the race start? Do the numbers mean anything? All times are approximate. All races start from around 10am and finishing between 12pm and 1.30pm. Do the results mean anything? All results except those for world championship and world championships must be

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