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“No, the cat died,” said Seabiscuit.

“What’s going on, mate?” said the cat. “It is like the cat who killed his brothers from the island. I killed the cat, too.”

“What happened to the cat?” asked Seabiscuit.

Now, as they turned back to the water, he thought of something. “The cat disappeared,” he said. “But we can’t find it.”

“Where is the cat now?” asked the cat.

“No way to know,” said Seabiscuit. “Maybe it’s in the water, or in the wind, or in the earth.”

He turned back to the man who had tried to bring the island and its cats into the manger. “The cat has disappeared, and his brothers have lost their battle over him,” he said.

“What do my brothers say?” asked the man.

“My brothers,” said Seabiscuit, “are my family. They have been waiting for years to see me finally.”

“What is this?” said the first man.

“It’s your fault, old man,” said Seabiscuit. He turned to the man who had tried to bring the island into the churchyard: “There’s no one else for the cats to turn to.”

“What’s the matter with Catland?” cried the man.

Seabiscuit went on to recount what had happened. “I made the cat a cat,” he said, “and it became a bear, and he became a dragon, and he became a tiger, and he became another cat, and he became a lion, and he became a wolf, and then I made him a little bird that flew away from me, and he became nothingness, and then I made him a fish, and then I made him a snake, and he became a butterfly, and then I made him an eagle, and then I made him another eagle. Then I made a lion, but it got lost in a swamp, and all the lions of Catland went down in it, and the cat drowned.”

“That’s what killed the one cat in Catland,” repeated the man.

“Don’t be silly,” said Seabiscuit. “The cat is not dead; it went to hell.”

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“The one cat in Catland went to hell,” repeated the man.

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