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Carnal Knowledge:

“At this time, the official cause of this animal’s demise is being investigated. The cause of death is being determined and the post-mortem procedures will follow as required. When an animal is found under similar circumstances, the post-mortem procedures will normally be followed. We will do the same here. Thank you for your understanding. This is not something we do often in the field and it has taken us a little over a week to figure out what happened.”

Was this the first shark attack to occur and who is to blame? – “Yes, this is the first documented shark/battingfish/bat-croc incident ever seen by the public and it is also the first attack documented by NOAA. However, as most incidents are, these attacks are not always reported. This was due in large part to the lack of information provided by the fisherman to the media. ”

Do the sharks know you’re a cop?

Did the fishermen just need to “get out of the way”?

What is the best way to treat a shark bite?

Was it just a coincidence that in the same few days following this horrible attack, there was a massive attack at an even bigger marine aquarium in New York; just a few miles from where this happened?

What could possibly “go wrong” in this case?

Will there be any “punching down” on the local seafood market?

“There’s actually no question it was a big animal but we were not expecting something like this to happen. I have a lot of respect for the officers of this town and their patience.”

The fisherman himself, who’s not a cop, is obviously a decent person as to his intentions, but you have a lot of questions to ask.

What is the best way to treat a shark bite?It probably sounds like a lot, but this is a typical typical response to all the questions you have about this incident. Yes, this was an unusual situation, not like most of the other shark attacks since the early 90s, and I guess the most unusual in what is the first time since the early 1990s that an animal has attacked humans.In the very earliest examples of all these attacks, the culprit is typically a large fish that is feeding at its usual feeding hole in which it often takes food from a fishtank or from a shallow shelf. If you were to look at the shark above, you could see it had a

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