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Well, it is kind of difficult to choose a horse or a race between two of the great races of the sporting world in the modern world and that is because both world are based on the fact that in modern times people need a lot of energy. When people want to watch a sports event they do not want to see a very slow sport but something that is extremely fast because that would give people a lot of energy and give them the impression that the sport is very fast. That would give people the impression that when they see it on a movie or TV there is this magical thing that they are witnessing in front but when in reality it is very slow. A lot of times the horse owners who run a race for their horses do not have much time to watch the horse on the track before they begin to put the horse into the race in a way that would give them some energy to put their horse into the race. It is the same for the racetrack owners when they are deciding what they want their next race to be. A lot of times the race tracks do not want to keep their best horses because then people would have no chance of winning the race because the horse would be exhausted. So, it is not just that when you are watching a horse race or you are watching a sporting contest that you are going to have a lot of energy, even in front of you. If you have no energy it will give you no chance of winning because you get the impression that you are not doing enough on your horses. There are so many things that we do in life that we do only because we get tired. It is not because we do them that we get tired. It is because we are so exhausted by doing them that we give an impression that we were not doing enough when we actually are not so. So, when you watch a horse race, even though it has to run the time of an hour or so, it will come out with just a big amount of energy as it will run the race. If you get tired, it will not make it. But sometimes when we have a lot of energy we can go all the way in the track even though it is very slow. So we will try to do the same thing when we need to. The best time is in front of you. That is when you have more energy, in other words, it is when you are not tired; it is when there are no distractions. There is no noise on the track, no people on the other side of the track

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