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I wish I could, because a lot of times, I’ve looked at the horse, and it’s been winning, and I’m thinking, “Well, I guess he’s going to win this, too.” It’s like the game of chicken; if you choose the chicken, you risk losing your money. It’s just that simple.

I look at all of these athletes, from Kobe Bryant, to LeBron James to Steph Curry, to [former NBA star] Shaquille O’Neal, to Chris Paul, every one of them is a winner. They’re just different, and so are we, and our job is to find those differences and make sure we create some winning in every situation.

When are you more aggressive in the season? I don’t look at the total stats. I look at the individual numbers. I look for those factors that I think are going to give me the edge: the physical part, getting to my spots in the court, how many possessions am I making? Where does my time go, who is making the plays and not making plays?

Are they playing to their potential, or not? I don’t give much credit to anyone in the league. Everybody is doing their own thing. I really just want to see who can create the best game plan for themselves that will allow them to play at the highest level I can.

Is your game improved by the time of the season? It is. It’s a whole different ball game. The mental game, my ability to have quick, quick decisions, I always look at every game and I say that everyone has a great shot, but the guy who is on the receiving end of a bad shot is going to say, “What should I do differently?” We all have to look at the film, and we all have to make sure we know exactly what it would take for me to take that shot at that moment in time, so we can be at 100 percent and execute it flawlessly. If I know I’m in the correct spot, I’m going to do my thing.
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Do you want to be the man in the middle and do your job or is there someone else’s responsibility? I don’t take it for granted. I need to learn. I have to get stronger every day. I need to get stronger mentally. I just think all of us are in a race to win the MVP. We all like that responsibility; it’s one of those teams that everyone wants to be a part of

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