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A thoroughbred, an Arabian, a bitch, an Arabian-cattle breeding.

That’s pretty darn simple really, because most, even most, racehorses are inbred and if you look them up, in-breeding horses with other inbred horses are the easiest inbreds to find on the market due to the very small amount of inbreeding. Also, inbred horses are hard to place on a racing basis because they can be of virtually any color (and even inbred black horses can also have a very varied coloration) and you may not even notice your horse having been put into an outbred race (a black outbred).

You can place a horse on a racing basis in any order, but the order is determined on what is easiest to get out and what is quickest to get back.

Most people find it easier to sell the inbreds by calling them up and placing a contract. This allows them to have an actual opportunity to own them, but also to collect their proceeds when they complete the contract. After placing the contract I sometimes make a few calls before placing your initial contract as well to make sure everything goes smoothly. I always try to contact you as quickly as possible (especially if you’ve sold off a horse) – the sooner you can get the horse home, the faster it can be used. (However, it is always best to call before the horse is released.)

The horse I sell will probably have been trained by me and will have been bred under my care. My own standards for breeding and in particular for in-breeding are very strict and I try only to have my inbreds from stock or that have been bred under my care. I have never sold a horse that did not share my standards and so you’ll know that if you do buy one from me that it has been bred under your care.

I sell horses all year long, so it is not unusual for me to find a good racehorse.

We have to be careful with the price we are asking though, as it comes from what I consider an extremely hard to obtain commodity: racing dollars.

With most racehorses we can expect to sell for about $1,000 and they must be in great condition on the day of sale in order to be competitive. The price of each horse is set by me to reflect the market prices for these horses within our group of about 20-30 of these horses in the general area in which the transaction

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