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When a player starts making all those ridiculous jump shots.

Now, this is more than a little odd. At some point in early November, the NBA will announce the 2016–17 schedule. We know from the draft lottery that the teams with the worst records (Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, New York, Utah, Golden State) will all have two days off during that stretch. Yet, every team has two teams on the same night, and teams that lose are playing the same night they’re supposed to be winning. The Knicks, Timberwolves, Nets, Pelicans and Clippers all have two games in one day. This week was a little weird. For example, Miami has two teams playing on the same night, in an arena full. I don’t mind having two games at home, but the Knicks are playing in Madison Square Garden, which isn’t a basketball arena. And you probably think “Wait, it’s only one night, what’s up with all the games in an already jammed venue?”

The schedule doesn’t say how many home games teams play in those two days, only that they can’t play against the same opponents. But what if one team plays four games and the other three? What if there are two games on the same night with four games playing on the same floor? For what it’s worth, the schedule doesn’t say how many games you have to play in an NBA game in order to qualify for the postseason (although it does say you can only be one of eight teams in a row in the same state, but I have no way of knowing if this is even true), and then how many of those game have to be against the same opponents, so that you have an even number of total games in each part of the schedule. And in that case, how many home games does each team have to play? It would make sense based on what you would expect to see for a team with five days’ rest; if three of their last four games are home, it only makes sense that their opponent is in the final four.

It’s not exactly clear what the NBA does once the schedule is made as long as all eight games are on the same floor. But you can certainly make your own conclusions. So let’s take a look at some games where NBA fans can argue over the schedule.

Tuesday, Dec. 24
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The Nuggets are in the worst half of the schedule — they have to play eight games in their last eight games against teams below .500, including two

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