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The trifecta of the Trifecta of Cancer, known as the Triple Risk Triad, is a group of types of cancer that are associated with increasing risk of the overall risk of disease. For example, when it comes to prostate cancer, the triple risk factors of high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking increases the risk of developing the disease. In fact, most men would choose not to get caught in the triple risk factors if it cost them their life. So a good thing is that the triple risk factors do increase the overall cancer risk, but that does not mean that those triple risk factors are the cause. Instead, the cause of these triple risk factors is not to avoid all three risk factors, but to avoid one type of high level risk factor and to get rid of the other, high level risk factor.

Are there trifecta of cancer?

Not exactly, but you could fit that idea into three. If you want to get your high blood pressure and diabetes under control, you have to get rid of high blood pressure and high blood glucose. Likewise, you can eliminate high blood pressure by getting rid of obesity. And now for the smoking and obesity risk factors as we go on.

Have you heard of a type of cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that can be treated with the Triple Risk Triad?

Yes, there is a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that can be treated with the triple risk factors if you follow the 3-step plan that I gave you in the video. Here’s what you’ll be doing

Step 1: Remove all the triple risk factors, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high glucose. This is called total preventative.

Step 2: Get rid of one triple risk factor, high blood pressure.

Step 3: Get rid of one high level risk factor, high blood sugar.

And so that’s how you get rid of your cancer risk.

How many ways do you know the risk factors?

What are the symptoms of your thyroid cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer? Most patients don’t seem aware of these symptoms.

And if you think I’m the only one that knows this, take a look at the other videos that I’ve uploaded over the past few years:

Here are the 3-step plan

Step One: Remove all the triple risk factors

Step Two: Get

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