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There are many reasons for the popularity of horse stud in many racetracks. First of all, it’s a great way to train, to build stamina. The stud also helps to create strong competitors in the show ring.

However, it’s quite expensive to build a stud and they do not get very well known. It also costs around £1,000 a year to build one in each race track, for a total cost of £5,000.

If you can afford a stud, your stud will cost around £10,000. Even then, the average cost of building a stud varies as much as 10% between studs.

How much do studs cost?

The stud is not a very expensive thing to run, as a horse will generally do more training as part of the stud. That means the stud will cost you nothing. However, there are still costs.

You’ll need:

Worried about building a horse stud? We can help You will need:


Gardening/planting materials


Bedding/bedding accessories

Horse saddles


Laser equipment or training wheels



Sidewalks and fences

Water pumps

For some studs, the cost is even less, and may be as low as £2,500 a year. This means the cost of running just one stud can be much less, than building up a vast amount of stalls to hold every horse in a racetrack, then selling them all all at once.

However, not everyone wants to run a stud. We know that some people need to spend a lot of money on horses, and that can be a deterrent to people going for studs.

You don’t need to buy just one stud. There are ways to build several; with just one horse, you can run more than one stud at the same time in a stable. You can also get an extra stud after having bought the first, for a very small extra cost. You may be able to sell each horse at a different stud to make up your budget.

There are many other cheaper and more realistic ways to run your stud. That’s because there is such an extreme demand for studs, that even in the most expensive racetracks, a stud can

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