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We’ll start with the numbers. While the official figures are not available from Canada’s Competition Bureau, our research indicates that there was a bet ratio of about 14 per cent that year for the NBA and NHL respectively.

The NCAA in the U.S. had about the same total of bets, according to our data.

Of course, the U.S. also has over a 50 per cent larger population (over 3.5 million) than Canada. And it has some of the biggest sports in America, while Canada only has hockey. For comparison purposes, in 2015 the NBA and NHL brought in $12 million and $7 million respectively.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of the sports were highly publicized.

The NHL is considered one of the most popular sports in the U.S., but it started out with just two games in 1967. The NBA first played here in 1979, two seasons prior to the NBA being taken over by the NBA.

In our estimation, Canada should probably be up at least 15 per cent in bets for last few years, based on our recent research (as noted above) and we expect it to climb further between now and the next election.

Canadians are passionate about hockey too

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As the most popular sports in our nation, the sports fans in Canada are not happy when they find out our local teams are losing games.

In fact, there were a whopping 39 per cent more NHL games between March 28 and June 9 in 2016 than the previous calendar year.

Of course, it’s not as if Canada hasn’t had the same amount of hockey games in recent years. We’ve had 19 games in 11 months since 2012-13 so far.

One other factor is the fact that the NHL had a better record against the European leagues in the past two years. Between January 1 and June 9, the NHL lost just 11 games against North American professional leagues.

“As soon as a Canadian makes a play in the NHL, you see those kind of numbers coming out,” said Dave Hodge, sports director of the National Basketball Assn.

We bet on the wrong teams in 2016

It’s not just that Canadians love hockey, but they tend to bet on that most hated of sports: the NFL, NFL. You might have heard of this, because many Canadians still see football being the No. 1 sport, even on a per capita basis.

But sports betting in Canada has

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