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As of March 23, the official betting odds are 2-1 in Alberta and 2-1 in Newfoundland.
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A few months ago, I came across an interesting article in The Globe and Mail about a Vancouver-based company called BizPedia. It was written by Daniel McQuinn, a professor at the University of British Columbia’s University at Albany.

Mr. McQuinn’s main conclusion is that most people who read these websites never leave.

In other words, people who “know” about these things are not actually doing so. We are simply making up stuff for our own entertainment. It is as simple as that.

But why bother posting them to a site like this? The reason for doing so – in my opinion – is more obvious to me than the reasoning. When we do get to the end of a page, we go “Ah-haa!”

But what are we doing when these websites end? There is no “end.” There is only the search for the information. To “know” about a topic, you only need to understand the first few references and skim the rest. And the rest of our information can all be found within two pages or so on a search engine, if you really want to search for it.

The problem? All these websites only contain a fraction of the information that we need to know. Because they are not “mainstream” or “mainstream”, they are all filtered in some way. This is part of the reason why they all get such low ranks. And why you do not see more than a handful of results on Facebook and Google and other major search engines.

The BizPedia system, by contrast, has a “budgets” system that allows people to pay for things and get access to all the resources of the company. The system is open to non-profit and corporate contributions. And people can contribute directly to the project at no cost. We actually have a “laboratory” that has the ability to test new ideas before publishing them so people can learn from those successes and failures first-hand.

And there is no question that this system is better organized. But that does not mean that other sites are better.

In a recent article, Mr. McQuinn discusses an organization called “Tastebuds”. Their website contains a “list of all the great restaurants in Toronto”, including the “5 Best”. The restaurant information is organized in a way that

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