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There were nearly 2.5 million horses killed on horse races in the U.S. in 2014, according to the Association of Racing Commissions (ARCA) and their official results page. There have been thousands of documented cases of horse deaths each year and the majority of them are because of human error, but it’s very rare for an intentionally injured horse to die on the racing track. Of those documented deaths it’s rare that the injured horse’s owner/handler does anything. We know of at least 1,000 cases in which horse owners have been held financially responsible for human wrong-doings on their animals, which is why animal protection groups call on all parties in the horse racing industry to act ethically, humanely and humanely.

But even with all the bad news, why are more people still racing horses? There are many reasons, but some are more important than others. According to A.R.A., “the big question is are the horses really being treated better or worse?” The answer will probably depend on where you live. While the most developed horse breeding states have seen significant improvement in safety and welfare issues, there are still concerns in less developed areas. It has been determined that these concerns are largely the result of the increasing commercialization of the sport. The proliferation of horse racing in the country has created a strong incentive for any racing entity to compete at the highest levels of the horse racing business. It also tends to draw high quality, committed professional and novice racers to the sport.

Racing is one of the most dangerous forms of sports for animals and their handlers. Some of the safety concerns include, but are not limited to:

The high pressure systems used in racing are prone to injury and can create injury by crushing and compressing bones and joints, especially in horses with injuries in the hoof and body.

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Proper care is essential in all horse racing operations to ensure an injury free environment . Injuries are very common in all aspects of our sport, but horses are the most common place where injuries occur. The human element is often difficult to control because there are so many aspects of our sport that are unpredictable and unpredictable.

Compets are held in a constant state of motion, all in preparation for the races and other events where training is needed, such as at race days, track days, and at the post-race ceremony. This can lead to serious injuries or death. The constant motion stresses the horse’s body and can cause an increase in

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