How many times can a jockey whip a horse? – Horse Racing Results Daily Racing Form Entries

If a jockey runs at 200 miles per hour he can whip the horse by more than 40 per cent! The faster he runs, the more he can whip the horse.

What is the speed of a man’s breath? A man can use a breath which is at 60 beats per minute as much as he can use it at 85 beats per minute. A man who can use as much air as he uses himself to breathe will, therefore, have to breathe more air than any other living being; otherwise he cannot keep his breath up so long. The greatest air-breathing man there ever was was the Duke of Wellington, who was so strong in this point that he could not breath air till he was 40 years of age. The greatest air-breathing animal was the dog. He used to breathe until the age of 14; then he breathed the rest of his life, and died from suffocation.

Do you ever hear that it takes a man six weeks to warm up his house? It takes an average of five minutes for a man to heat up his house! A person who never has made any arrangement or order in any house that requires such a long preparation time, but when it does, he is always at work before he has warmed up his house completely.

What are men and dogs? Dogs are very hardy creatures. A strong man could live for 100 years without ever meeting a dog that was sick. A dog would kill you even though you had a big family. For a dog one never met, one never saw, was never in the vicinity of one, and knew no one, a strong man could hardly ever live, unless he was a very weak man like you, and was very weak himself for a long time.

What do boys play with in the street? A boy would never, at any rate in a country street, let a girl pick up a girl. A boy would never, in any street at any time, let a little girl pick up a boy. Boys are very fond of girls. Boys do not like that kind of thing.

What is the largest snake you ever saw? One of those in the country near the house had a wingspan of about eight feet. The snake was a large brown snake about the size of a mouse. There were about 10 of these in a circle, four deep. I never saw a smaller snake in that circle.

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What do you call the first ball that a girl throws at a boy? The

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