How much do I win each way bet? – How To Win At Horse Racing System

We all hope for a lucky break, so this is how it will be calculated:

To win a €100 pot, you will need a €2 bet, and to be as much of a winner as possible, you need €3 bets.

For example, here are the conditions you need:

You have an account on our site. You don’t have any betting history. Your name doesn’t match the name your opponent had on their profile (or the name they chose in game in the order they would choose on steam). If you would like to make bets you need to log in to your account, find the match you want to bet on (or you can go to and find bets from your friend’s Steam profile), and click on the “I want to bet” link, you will be redirected to our site. You pay with us, you win with us. We get a €200 refund for each bet we win.

So what do I have to do to make a bet?

Please read this whole rule list, that will include all the required information.

If you have any questions about how to participate, please e-mail us at

*For a win, we’ll take €500 as the money you get from your total of €2 bets.*

When do I win?

All bets will be posted as soon as we have the matches confirmed.

What is the prize structure?

First place: €100

Second place: €50

Third place: 20€

Fourth place: 20€

Fifth place: 10€

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Sixth place: 10€

Seventh/Eighth place: 10€/€1

You can bet a total value of €100 for each match, and earn a total of €5 for each game played.

When will I actually get my money?

The money will be sent to your account after the first bet confirmation.

So when is the last match?

The last match will be available 24 hours after the first game is finished.

Why are you adding all the extra games to the schedule?

Because they’re different.

If we add those extra games, people might make bad bets and lose their bet as well!

How do I know if my bet is accepted?

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