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We have no idea. According to the industry standards the average male jockey is about 7-feet 4 inches tall and the average female jockey is about 6-feet 1 inches tall. As for the size of the horses, this is an issue that will have to be considered, as it is a fact that some breeds are taller than others. As a rule of thumb, a jockey with a short leg could actually be a great height trainer.

How do jockeys train?

There are three training methods: the back, fore, and neck. The back is where most of the work is done. All horses have good backs, but some are more than others, so make sure your horse understands the correct way to work it when riding. This is especially important during warmups, where training takes place. Once you know the positions and the way your horse is supposed to jump, then it’s time to go out and work.

In addition, you should make sure you train with the horse to be able to do the proper work. It’s important that your horse can do what it is supposed to do, so avoid using a horse with overly strong fore legs (because they give the horse too much effort during jumps), or with poor neck action (because they hinder the horse’s ability to hold the position).

All that being said, if I was able to give you a few tips that will make your jockey horse jump taller, please let me know in the comments?

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