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I’ll try to answer that with my own question, if any: “How tall is the average jockey in general? Just curious what is the average jockey height and weight. I will be interested to hear if anyone else has had this query.

Also, I do know that most jockeys on the show, don’t look much taller than their horses, they are all very tall in general and the horses all look almost same height.
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“I don’t believe any of the riders are taller than their horses. Even the horses look the same height, with the exception of horses who carry big riders like the one in the next picture.

I would hate to have to look down on my favorite jockeys, seeing what they had to contend with in a race, but I don’t believe any of the judges on the ride were taller than their horses.”

I was a little surprised to read that. You have had a lot of competition, so I thought you would have heard the stories. The “big” riders are also often taller than the “average” jockeys. When I look at photos of the judges, I will tell you they often look much shorter than you would like them to be. I have seen many judges who could have been at least 5″ taller wearing the jockey costume.

Also, as a former jockey myself, I know it’s not just about weight. Weight doesn’t do much as a judge, especially with a 5’8″ jockey.

“I think this jockey is very tall. The tallest judging panel, with his tall boots and a tall uniform, definitely look very tall.”

“I believe the horse in the next picture is in no way taller than the average jockey. He is about 5’10”, and seems to be well built; just like his father.”

“The judge in the next picture has very long, narrow legs and short boots, and I think he looks shorter than his horse.”

“I do not want to seem to be judging short horses. I’ve known many people who would judge a horse and it would still be considered short-footed.”

“I have heard that judges, especially at the end of the event, often judge riders, even when they are in the rear of their horses, and that I have seen judges judge their horses in the rear of their horses.

If I look at the judges, I would find that

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