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There are two ways to dunk: You can simply “pancake down,” and “Dunk the ball into the hoof” is the official name for it.

Dunk a ball.

You can “stoop the ball over the head” or “pancake down.”

The goal for all of these is to get the horse down the path that you are pointing. After that, get his hoof on the edge of the path. If you have a steeze, it needs to be in front of the horse. Do not throw too hard if you want to “pancake up.”

Dunk a ball.

If you are holding up the ball against the side of the stables so the horse is in the path, there won’t be any time to let the horse down the path. If you need to throw a hard punch to “stalemate,” however, you can simply make contact with the hoof as you throw the ball and then immediately kick away from the horse. The horse will be forced down a more direct path and away from the corner of the stables.

As always, remember to be sure to “dunk the ball right into the horse’s hoof.” But, again, if you miss just right, you don’t have to worry about the stables collapsing or the horse getting hurt.

Dunking a ball on a horse isn’t just about getting the horse down the path to the stable. You also need to teach the horse what to dunk, both because of how you are aiming, and how your horse can follow through with a dunk.

This “cavalier” style is actually quite fun to watch the horse put away his handbag and just start ducking his head under the surface of the earth.

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