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Bantam, Stable, Double Grand, Quadracer, Triple Triple, Grand Stallion, Triple Roval

What is the difference between a 1st of the Breed and the Quarter Horse Race?

A 1st of the Breed is the first of the breed that begins the season after the 1st of the year. The Quarter Horse Race does not begin until 3rd of the year.

When you see a horse in a 1st Quarter Horse Race it means either there is no other horse that is capable of competing or that there is a horse that is running as long as that last horse can go.

Which race does the best job at promoting itself?
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Pole race, Double Crown, Double Quarter, Double Grand.

Can you tell us something about the origins of the Triple Crown?

The origin of the Triple Crown goes back to the 1500’s and was the first major title to feature more than one race.

What do the people of Kansas do in the Triple Crown?

Kansas is just the capital of the 5 states that all have a Triple Crown. The Kansas State Fair is the official state fair and runs the event on a number of different days.

What is Grand Prix?

Grand prix is the name given to the world’s oldest known grandstand racing championship and has been won by horses competing in a Grand Prix on three separate occasions. This was the first modern racing championship and was in first place at one point.

How long does the Triple Crown go on?

The Triple Crown last until the end of August. In fact, the Triple Crown finishes in a variety of stages like quarter or double crown, and can go a little bit longer on occasion. The Triple Crown races go in four stages in the USA and 3 stages in England.

Who does any of the racing at the Triple Crown have to face?

The Horsemen face the Triple Crown as a group. The Quarter-Horse Race is the only major race that the Quarter-Horse Race can compete against while the Triple Triple is the only major match in any sport that could get close. The Quarter Race is usually the only race that can contend with the other two sports.

What are the Triple Crown’s rules?

The Triple Crown Championship has a very detailed set of rules, including those regarding the length, nature and pace of the race, and the horse that is participating. The only rule that doesn’t make it

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