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How are the scores determined? The rules of 21 in basketball are similar to the basic rules in basketball. You can play the game with the team’s ball, the ball is on the court, there are no benches, there is an action called a “free throw action,” for shooting or being shot at. When you play the basketball, it must be played by the team with ball. There is no substitution of the ball, in case of a tie, you can substitute the ball. The team with ball shoots a shot from the line, then you shoot the ball at the target. As you shoot, you must get the shot under the basket, as is the law of basketball. If you miss a shot, it is called a “bad” shot.

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How do the rules in basketball differ from the English rules? The rule of basketball in England were established in 1881 by Sir Henry Wilson in connection with the European games. To play in English football, you need to have at least two players from a team of 6 to 10. However, you cannot play a game with more than 3 players in football. And in basketball, you have only 3 players, on the court. In Basketball, you need 3 points to score.

However you need to play the game with 2 teams, you can play with 3 players.

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How to play basketball in USA?

Play in USA, in basketball there are a variety of different laws like “Foul” to win the game, “Steroid” to score points and all of these Laws are based on English Law. And in the NBA, you have to have at least one team of 20 players, not more than 2 players, but if there is 2-team league, there is no limit.

How do the NBA rules differ from the basic rules in basketball in Europe? Most of the rules in the NBA are quite similar with the basic rules in basketball. There are some differences in rules like “Offensive foul”, “Handling foul” and “Passing foul” as they are called in basketball. But most of the NBA rules are very similar with the basic rules in basketball.

How to play basketball in Canada?

Play in USA or Canada, and you can play a game with more than 10 players.

How to play basketball in Brazil?

Play in Brazil, in basketball you need 3 players, on the court you have four positions. You must

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