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Race horses of some of the most popular varieties, including the Standardbrede and Stud, are found throughout the world on a wide variety of terrains. In the United States, the top breedings are all American Stockbred and the American Pharaoh. There are also American Wire Hair Pony, Pinto and Irish Wire Hair Pony. The following are the top 6 most common mares used in racing horses. The American Standardbred

American Pharaoh, Irish Wire Hair Pony

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Drawn to the Race Horse – A Horse in its First Year of Life The most commonly used mare for breeding racing horses is the American Pharaoh. They are born and found in the United States as well-meaning and good, but naive and careless individuals and can be a source for many problems. They are easy to train but hard to manage. A little forethought in keeping them in a nice area and avoiding the temptation to overwork them can be the difference between a successful race start and a disappointing finish. The best time to start them is in the spring of their first year. They can be a good choice for a horse that is first or second to be used in the races, but a good start is preferable. A mare used in the racing age classes usually enters the racing age class first. On many occasions, for other races, some horse owners have had success by getting a mare that was first used in this or that race and then making the mare a starter. A mare that is not used in their first year of life can quickly become a poor racer and an unreliable race mate. A mare that enters another age class should be used in that age class. The American Standardbred, the Standardbrede and the Pharaoh can be found in a wide variety of mare and track types. The Egyptian

Irish Wire Hair Pony



Siberian Husky


Horse in the Race A mare that enters a racing age class first probably cannot be used in that category for their entire career. They may start a few races and then never race again. Although they may not race all that often, it is good to get in a horse that can make a positive impressions on their first race by doing things right. If they make a terrible start, don’t be afraid to give them a few runs and try again with them. A mare that enters at a better race may also make a positive

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