What color was the first human? – Gulfstream Park Horse Racing Analysis

1-6: You need to figure a color that matches most to the first human on the list to make the right guess. Most likely, the color is a bit warm so you will not be able to guess.

7-12: If your guess is a bit warm you need to find out how the color compares to the human. This can be tricky because some of those colors are dark (e.g. orange) and some are light (e.g. white), so you will need to get the difference between light and dark. If you get the same color (for example, orange) between light and dark, it means the first human is light, for those human that are light-colored it means the first human is dark. You would then have to guess which color is which human.

You want to make sure you do not miss any human, so you are very selective on what you put into your guesses.

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You do not need to be perfect at guessing. Each human in your guesses might be missing several colors, so your guess could be wrong. You can correct your guess by doing more simulations, or you can repeat the process until you get good guesses. In most cases, if you are guessing incorrectly, this time it’s easy to find out why because if the pattern you were following does not line up it will show up as a red blob in your simulation.

What color is the second human?

The second human (2.0) is a different color than 1-4, but similar to 7-12. I have found that the second human color is the same color as the first human’s color. If you are a bit more skeptical you might take a look at the color charts for each of these 2 humans. The human’s color is the same color as the human with the first second human, and so on for the next 6 human in each group.

How much do I have to guess to get the correct answer of who is the first 2.0?

As we have said before, you need to be very discriminating in your guessing so that when you get the right color, you have good enough knowledge in the first human’s color that you can guess the second. I have found that you do not need to give yourself a perfect accuracy score. This is because you are just guessing that you will get the right guess for the second. This means that your guesses will not end up being very perfect predictions. You will be

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