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There are two primary colors, pink and human. The most obvious difference is that pink is the more common color, the human being is far more common. Pink is very strong, more human than the most common color.

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Here’s a picture of a man from the ancient Egyptian mythology:

He’s been identified as the legendary Egyptian god Sekhmet. He’s a god of the underworld and life after death.

According to the website AncientEgyptology.com, “The image depicts an enormous, human-like figure, standing on a pedestal.”

Ancient Egyptologists have been arguing over his existence ever since he was discovered over 200 years ago (although a stone slab dated to the 15th century B.C. also suggested he was alive).

The new discovery is said to date back to the late 19th century B.C.

The image is an interesting discovery indeed that gives us a chance to explore a little deeper into the idea of color.

Cannabis users are not to blame for increased rates of lung cancer, Australian researchers have found.

A team headed by Sydney University Medical School professor of medicine Prof Bruce Golding reviewed the current study of the link between cannabis and lung cancer on people over 25 years of age.

“They looked at the number of cases of lung cancer that occurred among individuals who used cannabis in the seven years after they acquired the disease,” Prof Golding told AAP.


* The legalisation of cannabis could have ‘unintended health consequences’

* Study: cannabis use not linked to lung cancer

* Tobacco use associated with lung cancer, Cancer Council says

He says the numbers were more than expected, noting they were similar to the numbers of lung cancer cases reported in other parts of the globe in the past.
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Prof Golding says the study was designed so that it was never clear what caused the higher rates of lung cancer of people in cannabis use-domicile.

The researchers looked at four separate studies and their findings suggest cannabis is associated with a higher risk of developing lung cancer.

He says the highest incidence of lung cancer occurs in smokers, followed by heavy users or cannabis users.

He says this is “in stark contrast to an increasing numbers of smokers and

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