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If it’s not too loud, but still sounds good, the soft track is the kind you’d set up in the studio, and put on the radio during the break to create an air of a ‘soft’ sound.

The harder one, the better – for me anyway – the better. The goal should always be for the track to be very dynamic and fast paced.

And, if you have a very ‘hard style’, a track that really is ‘hard’, is just a very high tempo, very fast.

For example: an electronic album with lots of guitar solos is just ‘hard music’. Very, very fast. A track with bass and drum tracks in it, though, which have slower variations, is ‘soft music’.

To help you understand this concept a bit better, let’s do this test:

Now we all know the ‘soft’ track and ‘hard’ track test. As we’re testing both these things, let’s use these words as the parameters and try to see if the track passes or fails.

Test #1:

A great ‘hard-style’ electronic album track, like from the band Skrillex.

Let’s set the ‘softest’ parameter at 120Hz, and the ‘hardest’ at 130Hz. We can try this on different sources at different levels, to find out if the track passes or fails at what level. We’ll have a lot of fun with this one. Let’s see what happens.

Test #2:

Now we have the test number 2 at the end, so let’s test how the track passes or fails (in terms of tempo) at 120. 130 was a bit too weak, so we set the hard one at 134.

You may be wondering, where does 134 come from? That’s from a few days ago, when all I was hearing was “134” at the time. This is the exact moment I was doing my calculations of how the track’s tempo would have turned out.

We’re now at 124.7, so in the first part of the test, the track fails. So we might as well take the next test at 120. At 140Hz, we fail again. We know that at 140Hz, at 120Hz, you’ll get a lot of bass. So that’s not the ideal setting. The best thing is to check the track’s tempo and how it changes during its ‘soft’ period

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