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The heavy track is the track that the horse spends the majority of his career on which is the heaviest the horse can be and for whom it is most difficult to make the turn.

It is a track that allows for the best race conditions and also offers the best track surface.

What are the advantages of racing on heavy track?

Most horses can comfortably train and compete on heavy track and it offers the best track conditions which allows easy, fast laps.

It means that horses can be faster with less effort.

It also offers the best track as the horses are allowed the opportunity to run over short distance and over longer distances over a shorter distance, but they can also run with over long distances.

It allows the horse to get over smaller obstacles with ease since most small obstacles, e.g. grass, will be covered or broken by the horse.

Is it easy to compete on a heavy track?

Horse is easier to learn to perform and dominate on heavy track where there is more control over the horse.

It brings the speed and speed alone into consideration for the horses for example, the horses won’t let the race get out of control and have the pace slow down for the horse to work over the hurdles.

In addition, the large number of turns of the track makes learning to turn easier for the horse but also allows the horses to keep their speed.

It also helps the horse to learn which turns are safe for his body when turning as it would not be possible to go over a sharp turn if the horses weight was on the turn.

What are some good examples of the different types of horses on heavy track?

Very hard to choose since every horse has a unique characteristics that can be beneficial or detrimental to him on the track.

When we talk about heavy track, this is what the best examples would be –

Races on the highest speed tracks are usually for racing on heavy tracks

Heavy Track Races

Races in which the horses have to be very much on top of their game to win the race – the highest speed of the track should be the highest advantage.

The hardest thing for a horse to learn is the transition from slow lap to fast lap, this is usually a big advantage that a horse has.

The easiest thing for a horse to learn is the transition from slow lap to fast lap – the easiest way to learn this is from horse to the other.

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