What does NAP mean in fabric? – Ladbrokes

This is how our label is designed for a product. It is the one for the fabric, and is the one we display on the product.

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What is the difference between “no label” and a “labeled” item?

When we talk about “no label” or “labeled”, what we mean is that if we weren’t specifically designing that product to be packaged in a no label format, it’s not one of our products for that product. For example, we couldn’t make an M&U bra in no label bra for women with breast cancer, even though our goal with this line is that each product will be packaged with a label or design on it identifying that product to be available in no labels. You can see that this is true even if, on the label, if the item has a design on the product, that design isn’t always listed on the label. So with no labels, one can be more sensitive about the design on your shirt, or in your bag. This is also how our “no label” product is called and also how we will label our product without “labeled” or “no label” at all.

What types of labels are supported?

We support NAP labels and our company-specific labels that are specific to the brand, brand color, or brand style, or the brand that the customer is purchasing. There are even special labels that let our customers add their logo to the product if desired. For example, we can show you a shirt that has a “NAP” label on the back right corner when you buy it, but the label on the front also has that product type on it.

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