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It is a time where our brain releases neurotransmitters that help us to maintain a steady state, a state of mental concentration. While it is very clear that we should get off of the computer and get some rest, I feel like it’s a huge mistake not to break your game up a little bit. A good nap might not only help you feel calmer and focus, but it can be a time when you are able to process everything you’ve heard, seen or read.

Some games help you keep your head high, while others get your mind to drift off to another place. I personally find that games like BioShock Infinite, which is based in an alternate “vault” universe, helps me think deeply about themes while keeping my thoughts on the important parts of the game.

The most expensive real estate investment in China is a three-bedroom villa in Shanghai that is listed at over 3.5 million yuan (HK$6.2 million), a source revealed Tuesday.

The villa, which has a pool, spa and courtyard, was built on top of an existing plot in Nanling County, in the south-western province of Fujian.

According to the property report released by the municipality in May, the villa, which is listed as a “mansion,” is located at No. 3, Nanling Village, Nanling District, with a 2,716 square metres and 3,000 square foot footprint. It is not included in a map and cannot be visited.

This villa is the most expensive real estate investment in China for the fifth straight year

The building has a 5,000-square meter residential wing measuring from 6,100 sq m towards the basement level.

The property is located in Nanling Town, Nanling District, in Fujian Province. The villa contains two pools, a 3,000 square meter courtyard, a 2,000 square meter hot spring, a 3,000 square meter sun lounge, an observation deck, a 1,800 square meter patio, a 5,000 square meter gymnasium and 2,050 square meter gym, which are equipped with sports equipment.
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A number of other properties located in the same area have been added to the list of luxury villas in China. The most expensive home in the province on the list is a 4,000 square meter villa located in Nanling Town, Nanling District that was purchased for 3.3 million yuan by former Chinese President Jiang

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