What does nap of the day mean? – Today’s Horse Racing Schedule Tv

It refers to the time interval in which one takes a rest, usually at night.

What is napping?

Napping is the practice of taking a night-waking pause between waking and going to sleep. It is usually done in bed for at least 10 minutes, then taken outside with the lights on for about 30 minutes or so. In doing so, you sleep more slowly and wake up sooner.

How do you nap?

When is nap of the day not nap of the week?

When you have to get up and leave the house for a bit. The sleep you get in the daytime is not as productive.

Have you done nap of the day? What happens?

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I have napped once in my sleep, a few times in day periods, and some more in evening. My favourite nap time is mid-morning, between 30-40 minutes. But it is a matter of choice.

What have other people said about sleeping during the naps?

A colleague of mine says: “Sleep at the same time as others, don’t feel sleepy. Do it for fun, or do it to sleep. You’ll understand later, it will come naturally.”

But when someone tells me that the naps is a waste of time, this makes no sense to me, because I do not even sleep enough.

Why is it that I want a nap at my work, to do some work, then go outside a bit later? I don’t even sleep that much if I nap for two or three hours. As soon as I get home, my brain is at the best of its shape. It gets busy, its not able to focus on its work. So a nap is pointless, why do it during work hours.

Why can’t I just go to sleep?

I cannot control my body. The body doesn’t want to sleep while I am working, I am more stressed, so I get tired more easily, and sometimes I am in a deep sleep right away. I do the nap when I wake up, but only for about 10 minutes. That’s it, after that, I sleep for half an hour.

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