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If you’ve ever taken a nap when awake, you know that it’s good for you, and it also means you’re going to have to do more of your thinking while you’re doing nothing else, which might take another hour or two.

CBN makes it extremely easy to get to sleep in the middle of a day: you can just take off your shoes and socks, put on the clothes you’re always wearing (with the hood on), and you’re good to go.

It’s really that simple. If you do that every day, it actually increases your lifespan, and there’s no doubt that taking naps for every hour you’re awake is a simple, effective sleep protocol that will save you a lot of time and energy.

When is naps right for me?

When you’ve got work going on, but also sleep (or no sleep), and if you want the benefits of naps without the fatigue.

You’re going to run into issues, like:

How fast can you really get to sleep?

How fast can you get to rest?

Can you get to rest as soon as you arrive at home?

Does your work schedule include time for other activities?

When can you sleep when you travel?

Can you get back to sleep while you’re on your way, before you land in your hotel?

How much rest is enough?

These are the kinds of questions we want to help you answer as you think about nap options, as our nap advice page will help guide you in the right direction.
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Napping to rest is a very different approach than napping for work. It uses some other forms of time, not just sleeping. It also uses your natural sleep habits, not your schedule. For example, you might be more likely to nap if you work long hours and have a lot of time to play video games; or perhaps your sleep patterns have changed or you’re not in the rhythm you’d like.

If you don’t think your sleep situation is right for naps, you can still do them whenever you feel like it. The key is to use nap schedules that are easy for you to adhere to — because the only ones that are easy for most people are the ones you can do immediately after you wake up, after you’ve already gone about your business.

But the good news is that it’s simple and, in most cases, pretty inexpensive to do naps,

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