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When the naps become the first thing people think of and then we think of ‘naps’, is it a nadir? Is it about being lazy, or is it about an addiction, that you can’t do anymore? Is it really just a matter of trying and you know, failing?

The biggest problem that I’ve seen in addiction prevention is getting people who have some kind of mental-health problem who are struggling to actually do harm without causing damage to themselves. So then they can’t get help; they’ve done nothing wrong.

So what’s CBRN for?

I’ve already written about it. I know this will sound obvious to you, but I don’t know a single napping counsellor who doesn’t really believe in it; they just are not really able to deal with the real world. So why should I have to teach them about one?

It is hard to explain napping because there is just such a diversity of experience of what it means. Some people are very short-lived periods of being very tired, you know – it’s all over very quickly. I’ve been in recovery but I’m not sure a lot of people know about naps, if they know at all. But some naps seem to be a time when a person is trying to reconnect from a bit more difficult situations… You know, you’re talking about your partner or your friends. You might find your life seems sort of difficult or if something is happening it might be hard to relate to, you know, so you can’t really see a problem. So when you are sleeping, you don’t really know what the situation is. And when you’re sleeping you’re often having a very difficult conversation or the situation is very difficult or there’s stress or you’re really upset and you’re not ready to take a nap, in some way or another.

So you think CBRN will help people to do that?

Yes, CBRN is my attempt to be able to do that for some of these people, just help ’em to have the capacity to get up and to sleep. And I think for myself I’m an optimist, you know, so I’m going through a bit of a down time at the moment.

Have you tried CBRN with other people?

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Yes I have. But they would always look at me as if they did not even know what napping was, you know, they would know that I was napping

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