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Some non runners bet when no one is watching, even if they want to win.

” I was looking at them and saw if I could bet from my position,” said Brian Gorman of Seattle, Washington. “At first, I thought it was too risky. But I went to an area where I knew a few locals and they said sure.” When Gorman got there he saw several people watching him. He said he saw a guy selling the same thing for 2 cents each. According to Seattle’s KING-5 News (11/25/2013), Gorman made a profit of about $6.00. Gorman went back to his spot and kept betting. “I kept betting until the crowd around me was so thin they couldn’t keep their mouths shut any longer. Then I stopped and just watched!” Gorman said he has since been approached in pubs and bars by a few who tell him he is no good and to not try anything else.

What does no bet means?

Non runners usually don’t have to be caught.

A non runner bet is when a non runner doesn’t have to bet.

When a runner starts a non bet, he cannot bet from his position or anything else.

“I don’t know what they do, but every time that I see one of those people selling something I just ask them with a casual “Hey, would you like to buy?” “If you win, you can tell me, it has to be a good one or I’m not taking money off of you,” she laughed.

Do runners and non runners have different betting odds?


Runners should always bet the same amount as non runners (see below for the difference between a runner’s non bet and the runner’s non win). Nonrunners on horse races will often be on in bet windows to help cover for non runners who may be leaving their positions. However, runners are never allowed on non bets.

What if the runner wants to bet more than the non runner does?

A runner is allowed to bet $1,000 for every dollar a non runner spends. The runner’s own money will automatically be added to the non runner’s bet for the amount bet.

You do not need to worry about a runner doing a $1500 non bet when the runner has a $1,000 or more on the line.

For further advice on how to handle a high buy/sell line, see Running

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