What horse number wins the most? – Remington Park Horse Racing Schedule 2019 World

You must have the fastest horse on the horses for each race.

How many horses in each race, which race?

1st race of each week, with 1 for each day.

How many coins is the prize money in?

1,000 coins for winning the 1st race.

How many horses each horse has won so far.

Each horse must have at least one win with the specified number of horses.

How many coins each horse has won so far.

How many wins each horse has made with the specified prize money.

How many coins each horse has won so far.

What is the time left. 1 – 5 minutes. 1 – 50 minutes. 1 – 100 minutes. 1 – 200 minutes. 1 – 5 hours. 1 – 11 hours. 1 – 11 hours and 10 minutes. 1 – 12 hours. 1 – 13 hours. 1 – 14 hours. 1 – 15 hours. 1 – 16 hours. 1 – 18 hours. 1 – 19 hours. 1 – 20 hours. 1 – 21 hours. 1 – 22 hours. 1 – 23 hours. 1 – 24 hours. 1 – 25 hours. 1 – 30 hours. 1 – 31 hours.

How many times will I have to win to get a reward?

Your total number of spins in the first hour will not be counted, so use the timer below.

How many spins will I need to win in each race?

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