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A doubles bet is a line bet that pays out in double how much the line on the table changes over the course of the time it takes to bet.

In other words, a double bet is a bet that pays out double how much the table on the other side of the bet will change over the course of time. This is called a double bet bluff.
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Why does it pay out double?

Because every table moves differently and the same table can make the same move and make the same line, this makes it harder for the “long shot” to win. Also there is no guarantee of how much a double bet will pay out at each table.

This means you need to be certain that you place the bet in a position where you know the table will move more or less than the line at the end of the time it takes to place the bet, and you can afford taking any risk.

So why use a double bet?

When doing the math to bet on a doubles bet, you want to make sure that the “long shot” is betting the correct amount:

$12/$10 $5/$5 $5 $5 $5 $5

But if you have the same exact betting strategy as your opponent you don’t have to change the amount of the bet. In our example above, the player who placed the bet at one table will end up with the same amount that the player who bet at the other table will end up with.

There is a difference in the amount of money that a player has to spend to win a doubles bet vs a straight bet though as both bets involve the same amount of money:

How much can I bet on the first table?

This depends on the type of bet that the player is making. In the example above, the first table is a straight bet because the player has the same amount of money it takes to win the first position on the table and the same amount of money to bet each position thereafter for a win.

If the game is played against a betting line, players can bet how much the line is moving over the course of the time it takes to bet. In this example, if the player is to play for a triple $5 in each position or a one $5 with two players, they can bet $5 for every position or $5 for every two positions if the game is played with only one player.

How much can I bet on each player?

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