What is a doubles bet? – Freehold Horse Racing Results

A doubles bet is a bet in which you bet more than exactly the same amount in two different ways (a $1000 bet or a $2000 bet).

Why is a doubles bet better than a straight?

A doubles bet is a better bet because:
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it allows you to play at a different pace than if you had a straight wager

it allows you to earn more profit by staying with a different house edge

your bets do not need a minimum number of games for them to be “worth” $0.10

why is a doubles bet better than a straight?

The “minimum number of games” in a doubles bet is the same in both cases as if you had to play with the house edge. Thus, you would not have to bet a minimum of $0.15 or $0.16. However, the amount you need to risk in order to win the bet will not be as high. With a straight bet, the risk must equal to or exceed the value of the profit, giving a better profit and higher upside.

What should I bet on when I bet on a doubles bet?

Betting on doubles is recommended for those who need flexibility for the amount and outcome of the bets.

Do I need to keep the same house edge?

Yes. It is not necessary to have a house edge in the long run because a $1000 bet can be made at $7.50 or at $10.00 (as long as the game is within .5% of the bankroll). Your house edge will decrease as the game goes on.

How do I calculate my house edge?

Simply divide the amount paid out in the bet by the total amount for all players in the same bankroll. Example: You want to make a 10-8 straight bet at $8.50, but you are in the $100 bankroll at the time. You place a $1000 bet on a straight-up against the 12-9 draw, and the total amount paid out is $100. This is the house edge. $101 is the total cost of the bet. Add this amount to the total amount on the hand, and you have the house edge number. If all you need is a $12.00 straight, you can divide 10-8 by 12-9 to calculate $96.00.

How do I play straight-up?

A straight up bet is when you place

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