What is a layup in basketball? – 2020 Horse Racing Triple Crown

In the NBA, a layup is a basket goal that is set for a point guard who is attempting a layup. A layup is a defensive play that occurs when a player defends a player on the offensive glass.

For example, the ball comes to a shooting guard who is guarding Paul Pierce, who is attempting a layup. As soon as the shooter has his hands up in an attempt to avoid a shot attempt, the ball handler drives to the basket.

The ball handler is then able to make a layup attempt on the way to the basket. (NBA.com)

Defensive layups are also called half-court defense. Both ends of the court are supposed to close out on one another. However, during a time out this does not occur due to the offensive team protecting a position of weakness.

However, for a defensive rebound, the defender cannot help the offensive player by defending a defensive rebound. This position is commonly referred to as a defensive zone, and it is also known as a defensive possession.

In order to defend a rebounding basket, a defending player may choose to foul and attempt a shot at the basket. The foul comes at the same time that the point guard is receiving a defensive rebound (see diagram below).

The point guard (CJ McCollum) is defending a rebounding basket in the final minutes of Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs on Thursday, May 12, 2017, in Houston.

Why use this chart to determine the defensive zone in the league?

The chart is based on scoring baskets and free throw attempts. The difference between a basket and a free throw attempts is that a basket is an attempt by a single teammate, and the free throw attempt does not require any help from others.

The defensive zone is typically where a point guard and two defenders cover the court with three players as in the picture to the right. (NBA.com) By knowing how many players are in a zone, it is possible to predict which team is leading or losing during the remaining time on the clock. Because of the amount of time we have available with the players, we can use the chart to determine if a team is in the defensive zone or is in the offensive zone based on the score.

Is the chart accurate?

The chart is meant to be an overall defensive analysis tool. The chart was created based on the data compiled by Basketball-Reference.com for all seasons playing in the 1992-

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