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It can be quite a pain on some of your soft tissue muscles (but don’t worry; it’s just called “the soft 6”). Here is an explanation of how you can safely apply a soft silicone skin lotion to those areas.

There’s not much information about silicone to date on this website (I know!) but if you have a hard time applying lotion that can work well.

Before you apply your soft skin lotion, ask the doctor to give you a prescription for a silicone lotion that’s safe for your particular skin type. This will help give you an idea of what type of lotion to try (and to which spot I’d apply it).

It may be necessary to try a small amount of silicone lotion on the skin first. The more you use it, the more it will affect your skin, and the more you must practice a few times before you decide on the proper amount. I’ve seen too many people who didn’t take their silicone skin lotion deep enough to experience any changes. Too much silicone will not benefit or worsen your condition – but it will make your skin uncomfortable when placed on (and on and on).

Be sure to thoroughly wash out the area between your fingers and your skin before applying the lotion. If the lotion is applied in water, make sure it’s totally covered so it doesn’t dry out your hands before you remove it.

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Here is a YouTube video that will explain more about applying lotion on the skin. I personally recommend watching it over and over until you get the hang of it.

When Donald Trump called the judge overseeing a lawsuit against him “Mexican” in August, the presumptive GOP nominee quickly issued denials to contradict his comments. And he did so again during a TV interview on Sunday when host Lester Holt said Trump’s comments might violate the law.

“I’d like to just ask you one question, and it’s simple,” Holt said during Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” “If you continue to insist that you saw Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is a Mexican-American who is presiding over a case that involves Trump University, from day one — you started this, all right?– what do you think his intent really was?”

“Well, he’s a Mexican, OK?” Trump said. “He’s a Mexican, OK. What am I supposed to say? So what did he say, ‘He acts so nice and gentle and so nice and a gentleman and you

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