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A Trixie bet is a bet placed in an online casino, or a casino that offers games, that if done correctly, will earn you more money than the amount of chips in your bankroll. If you place the bet through the Trixie app, by placing the bet at the Casino website, you will earn the “trixy” amount of chips for every bet.

When to place the bet

The trixy bet is offered only in the Trixie Casino’s online poker games, and on the day of the “bet”.

Bots are only awarded until the “trixy” amount reaches $1,000.

As soon as the Trixie Casino reaches the required amount to award the maximum amount, a “bonus” amount of $1 is added to the total amount of prizes that can be earned.

How to place the bet

When to bet

A Trixie bets can be placed anywhere within the Trixie Casino web or mobile service, however, you cannot place Trixie bets in offline environments, and the Casino is always aware that players are playing their games.

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How to claim prize

The Trixie Casino awards the Trixie bet amount when the winning is confirmed. No dice will be rolled, and no cheats are used to take advantage of a Trixie bet.


A Trixie bet needs to be placed at a time when there is a high chance of success on your behalf.

As with any bet, it is important to keep track of the Trixie bets you place. This has the benefit of keeping a record that proves it was a successful bet.

To do this, simply follow the instructions on the “bet result” page of the “bet” screen.

How can I win

A Trixie bet makes every player, not just the “betters”, eligible to see the prize.

The winning person or team earns their prize by making the Trixie bet, and then confirming it on the “bet result” page, or by sending a message to another player through chat if they already have the Trixie cheque in their account.

The Trixie casino is a leader in providing a fun and fair experience to players from across the globe. This will continue to be the case in 2015…

In summary…

It is important to remember, however, that each Tri

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