What is NAP horse racing tips? – Horse Race Rummy Card Game Rules

If you’ve ever watched NAP horse race games, you’ll be familiar with a variety of tips, tips we use and the rules we follow. We hope these will help you win a horse race and your favorite NAP event!


Every NAP race is different, so every race can be different as well! NAP races can span over a wide range of times, from a single day to multiple lengths. So you’ll need to know how to judge the race ahead of time so those hard work hard and slow down times won’t count.

How do I determine my horse?

The best bet is to try to predict the race ahead of time.

But that’s a daunting task since your horse can jump right up your sleeve but you might not have a clue as to which race is the strongest, or which will be the slowest. For instance, if you don’t know your horse’s weight, or its stamina, or whether any trainer is planning to go “all out” on you — then just try to guess!

You should also try to find as many horses before your race as possible as it will help you get a feel for how you should play both on and off horse. It’s also likely you’ll see your favorite horses in the NAP race before you.

Where is a NAP race held?

For every NAP race, there are two “championship weekends,” that are held at various times. These are the three NAP races held at all NAP tracks every time a horse is added to the NAP champion reserve. That means the horse must be added to the reserve at the same track where the NAP race is held, so you will need to be traveling somewhere close to that track.

What if I am injured?

NAP horses are always going to be in great shape, but there are still some runners going to get hurt in races…so we always recommend running more than the 3-hour distance. It is never safe to walk away from your car. There will never be an official winner or finish line, you can just watch the results and learn from them as best you can. But if a horse runs out of steam, you can always finish it off at a later time.

It’s also a good idea to run in the NAP race before finishing it at home. This has been shown to help improve recovery for horses who were injured.

What if

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