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There are two types of nap: long naps and short naps. Long naps occur when we fall asleep during the day and fall asleep while sitting in front of a computer or TV for long periods of time (over about 2-4 hrs or more). Often some other activities are also done when we nap, such as going shopping, going for a walk or watching television. When you nap, most of your body temperature should be around 95°F- 105°F, but in hot weather your body can maintain the body temperature even at lower temperatures. Naps at night have the same effect on the body as a full day nap, but they aren’t quite as powerful as a night nap. When you get in trouble with a little bit of napping, it could be as simple as your body getting too warm at night and sleeping too long. The best way to deal with this would be to make a point of getting your body temperature back to normal. You can make those little adjustments to the way you sleep at night. If it’s a big problem, take a full night’s naps for a day or two and see where you get. If you don’t get the body temp back, then go a little bit less napping. It’s important not to go over and get more napping, but only take the little bit a night that you need a bit and see how long it lasts. Sometimes it’s just that we need some extra sleep in certain nights. Sometimes it’s just a really small lapse in your napping. The point is to check your body for temperature differences and find that it’s getting warmer and warmer as a result of your napping.

I’m too tired to nap at night (or in the morning). Should I try sleep on TV? I’m exhausted and can’t get to sleep before 8 pm! I just don’t feel like sleeping, but am worried about getting a tummy ache! I have this tendency to sleep a little longer than I would like to. I just don’t feel like sleeping at this period of time but I’m not sure what it is and I can’t quite figure it out. Is there anything I can do about it? Sleep is not a single activity. It’s an effort to stay still and still. You must be very careful about sleep patterns in order for it to work and be effective. You cannot force yourself to get a good night sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well and having trouble sleeping in the morning, try to make you

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