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How many have broken the 10.1 mile mark? And is that last one the fastest in racing history or has it been beaten?

To answer these questions, we assembled a group of experts who collectively possess an eye for detail. Not only did they track the tracks (including how many miles were made up between races) they also got together to create a short film of all the time trials held in 2012.

“My initial reaction to seeing this footage was one of disbelief. No one has broken 10.1 miles since I first got up on that track, and we have three races where three horses pulled over a half-mile in the last lap,” stated Jim Hines, an independent trackside reporter and author of Racing Backtracks: The Racing Tradition Since the 1950’s. “The fastest time we have seen was at the Kentucky Derby (1:35.08). In some of the photos the horse is sitting still and in good shape, but in others it appears to be moving like a fish in water. If someone was standing on this track and would be running the track, it would be impossible for people to run the 10.1 mile distance in 1:35.08. Clearly some of these racers have broken the ten mile threshold and made a statement that no one can match.”

For your convenience, we’ve also included some photos taken with the help of our friends at KTRH. Click on the photos to see the images taken from all angles.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Assad has been in power for 14 years

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has rejected a “failed” US plan for a peace conference to start next month.

Under the proposal, the Syrian government would agree to stop using chemical weapons and agree to an immediate end to violence.

The Syrian opposition says the proposal is a “game changer”. Mr Assad has vowed to fight “any step towards the terrorists”.

In a televised debate, Mr Assad and his opponents both said the talks would not start.

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The opposition wants a conference in Geneva at the end of February to start negotiations for a political settlement to the current crisis.

The opposition has held talks at the UN in Geneva but failed to secure a commitment from the UN and other parties to take part in the conference.

In the interview, Mr Assad said: “We will talk to anyone or not to anyone. But we will not negotiate as if there is a vacuum and a vacuum in the solution or

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