Who is the best horse racing tipster? – Horse Racing Nation Breeders Cup 2017 Entries

How do you break in to the horse racing world?

I’ve always been a bit obsessive. I always kept a notebook. And then it all clicked, the instant I took a test that was on CBS, the next thing I was in the box.

And you worked at K-State, which was famous for its good sports teams.

Yeah, it certainly was, at the time. That was the place from which a lot of people wanted to get into, and it wasn’t exactly elite but it was competitive and I always wanted to be that guy that everybody could look up to.

You didn’t seem good in a racecar. Is that right?

No, no, no. I played golf. I’d drive down here in the springtime and I’d take my golf bag with me to the track, I’d practice for two or three hours, go out.

I was always looking for something to give to the family or give to my buddies. I would do pretty well on most tests. And, you’d try to make a good living, it was what I had to do. And at that time, it wasn’t hard. I was just a kid from Oklahoma. Everybody was doing it. And people like Donny, they knew what the hell I was doing. I knew.

Do you feel like you were the only kid interested in track and field as a career?

No, not at all. I didn’t come into high school as a student, I was always interested in sports and track and field was all around me. But there were all these really good kids. We have a long story, but we did a very good job recruiting. We had a couple really good kids. We had a lot of good friends. It was a good community.

I went to a lot of track and field camps and one is always trying to get into things, even though I had an interest in playing all sports, it was hard. But, the best sports were going to college, especially the ones at the Division I schools, and then they had all the advantages.

Thoroughbred Breeders Association of South Africa

What do you say to people who tell you track wasn’t a good career choice? Why are you doing this?

I’m not a track guy, it’s just that I came into a school that was full of people who really loved track, especially the ones at Division I schools. It wasn’t just track either, it had everything that

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