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Hey hey! It’s time for another survey for the subreddit of /r/stunthorse. I’m looking for our readers to give us their best guess who is the best /r/stunthorse horse racing tipster: [IMG:http://i.imgur.com/6l6V8g5.png] This poll will close on Monday 15th of November at 10pm GMT. I’m looking for 1-5 reader tips in total. Thanks for your help! /r/horseracing

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Your vote: Joe McElroy

I got an update this morning, and, I think this is enough to start us all on the path toward a healthy and vibrant society. I know when you read this, you are probably not interested in all the nitty gritty details that were released, in which case I don’t blame you. But this morning I found myself writing some notes to myself as I waited for the news. You may have noticed, by the way, that I have been posting a bit more on this stuff since the last update. It’s clear to me now that no amount of good government can protect your individual privacy, and that the government has no choice but to be proactive in protecting your privacy. It is going to take time for these technologies to get adopted on a large scale, and we need to do what we can to ensure there is as much transparency as possible when it comes to this, but eventually we are going to have to confront what many of us believe is the only issue facing the free world today — the threat of terrorism.

I find that in both my personal life and in the work I do, I am more and more aware that as an individual, I am less and less likely to encounter an event, or be confronted with one, that requires a full response from the government. We are now in that place, where we can either simply sit on our hands in fear of what the government might next do or we can have an opinion and take a stand. Now, if you want to use encryption, I personally will never ever force anyone to provide any kind of back door into our data in any way. I use it because I do not trust the government to protect us. But, and this one might be

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