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To find out who the fastest of all time might be, we turned to legendary racehorse trainer John Ewalt, who has compiled nearly 2,000 horses over the years. Ewalt says the fastest of all time is in sight:

The fastest-run race horse was “The St. Louis” in 1921, a thoroughbred of 4-7 years old. His running time was more than 10 seconds faster than the current record, currently held by the 7-year-old “Big J” in the Grand Am at 6:25.44. But it’s a matter of perspective, he says, as a racehorse who takes over the pace early on runs only about 2-3 mph, a pace that allows the horse to make sure he’s safe before breaking into the top-10.

For the record, we looked at the fastest known time in horse history, which started in 1895, when the St. Louis was 9 years old. That’s a 7.28-seconds improvement over today’s current record.

Check out some of Ewalt’s most memorable racehorses below:

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I always enjoy talking with fans, and it seems as though this is a common refrain among anyone involved in the sport. I just recently came upon this thread on SBNation (thanks to a reader) which has been running for a few weeks — I decided to give it a look to see what people thought about the topic. I’ve included my thoughts in two sections below, but the comments section (below) is an interesting little treat.

The first couple of comments were quite thoughtful — many of the comments below are from actual fans who are not so savvy about sports, who might be more familiar with the news about professional leagues and all of the money involved in the business side of things. It also gets into some really good territory as well. As I pointed out in that article, there is something to be said for fan participation. Some people are paid money to watch games (or at least some of them). This is something that the MLB and their partners are trying to make more of a part of. I also agree with what some of the fans were saying, because, in some ways, it seems a little like what a fan would see if they went to a baseball game:

When I went to my first game in 1987, the Braves were playing the Cardinals. You might have

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