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Is it called “horse rear” or “horse-back riding”?

The name of your horse might indicate which of the following you’d like to call your horse: (a) horse-back riding, (b) riding by saddle or cart, or (c) riding alone.

In the latest edition of our annual ranking of the Top 10 Worst Cities for Women, the city with the worst rate for women aged 35-44 was not a city, rather a tiny county in South Dakota with only 6,000 residents.

The only category that made the Top 10 that year was “women in STEM degrees—more specifically, STEM degrees earned by women and women who do not have a college degree”—in fact, there was an 11 percentage point decrease in the number of STEM degrees that are earned by women at both the bachelor’s and graduate levels from 2015–16 to 2014–15, as the report noted.

One reason the trend is such a concern is that South Dakota actually has some of the highest rates for women in the nation (with 2.8 female jobs for every male job), which could be attributed to other factors, like high poverty rates and high rates of violent crimes.

Here’s the full list of the 10 Worst Cities for Women in America:

1. Wichita, KS

Population: 11,829

Female Unemployment Rate: 8.0 percent

2. South Dakota

Population: 6,700

Female Unemployment Rate: 11.2 percent

3. New York City, NY

Population: 45,945

Female Unemployment Rate: 8.3 percent

4. Tulsa, OK

Population: 10,400

Female Unemployment Rate: 7.4 percent

5. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Population: 20,823

Female Unemployment Rate: 7.7 percent

6. Denver, CO

Population: 39,651

Female Unemployment Rate: 7.4 percent

7. Las Vegas, NV

Population: 3,566

Female Unemployment Rate: 6.2 percent

8. Boise, ID

Population: 7,700

Female Unemployment Rate: 8.2 percent

9. Oklahoma City, OK

Population: 21,534

Female Unemployment Rate: 8.6 percent

10. Sacramento, CA

Population: 19,906

Female Unemployment Rate:

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