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A little bit of the answer is because the first game was played in 1882 for the purpose of keeping track of horses that were in the United States without permission of the owners

The second reason is that the game is based on the old Russian game of “Horses in the Kremlin” and is called simply Horse.

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MONTREAL – The New Brunswick government plans to make changes to the provincial Human Rights Act on Monday, including revising the wording to outlaw discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Attorney General Michael O’Keefe said in a prepared statement there will be a debate Monday about the matter at a Human Rights Committee, in the legislature, and after that a draft bill will be introduced in the legislature.
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A proposal to amend the Act, known as Bill 2, got a vote in May, but it was defeated by a single vote, along party lines.

O’Keefe’s statement does not say what the legislation will be. A spokesman for Human Rights Commissioner Mary Dawson said the matter is before the court and no further comment could be made.

“We are pleased that the province is leading the way in respecting human rights for all people,” said John Rolfe, president of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick.

“We applaud Mr. O’Keefe for stepping up to lead this important national debate.”

Quebec has already amended its Human Rights Act to protect transgender people against discrimination, although many of its provinces have no provincial act of their own and have no jurisdiction over human rights claims.

A long-running debate around the world has to be about who is the “greatest ever” and in my humble opinion it can only be one man, Nelson Mandela — he is a true icon of our times. Mandela was never an ordinary man and he showed to us during his lifetime that he was a man beyond politics. Mandela spent most of his life in jail, but he was also on the front lines of the fight against apartheid and in that time he had more than enough reason to live a life of selflessness.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey recently, Nelson Mandela said to Oprah, “I am not just a man. I am a son, a son-in-law and an eternal friend.”

It was on the very same day I was able to watch him walk with an oxygen cylinder on his shoulder with his wife, Grace. That is when someone told me that he was “walking like a man

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