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As a small child, Sarah “Sydney” King, who grew up on the banks of the Rio Grande in Texas, lived as if she had the face of God. Her favorite book was The Bible.

“I’ve never seen God before,” said King, who was raised in a fundamentalist family.

“I’m trying to make God understand the beauty of life and have my kids see it now,” the 43-year-old entrepreneur said in the video above. “I got to see it in him.”

And now her faith has grown as she has become more aware of the human condition. So she recently got together with friends to talk with their sons—in a series of YouTube videos that she described as “The God Talk.” She hopes to raise funds to build a large Christian church.

“I love to preach Jesus from the pulpit,” she says in the first video. “I get a sense of God when the young people get to know him.”

She’s been making these videos for about 10 years. “I just believe in God,” she said.

King now runs the family-run SID Life Academy of Technology, which provides training in technology skills to children. She teaches science classes for parents and children. She has been working with the local churches to make the videos for about a year now, and she hopes to inspire others who have struggled with religion or with faith to consider faith.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

In the first video, King explains how she became a Christian. Her parents divorced when she was four and she spent her adolescence growing up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

This past summer was “awesome, man,” she says in the video. King says she went to Bible Camp at her church and found herself surrounded by people who accepted her for who she was. “I felt like I was like Moses from the Bible,” she says.

Then she went to a Christian conference and “was like, ‘Whoa, I can do this,’ ” she said, adding that God answered her questions about his teachings. “God didn’t give me any big answers. They were really helpful!”

She found out after her presentation that people in the audience were “really into Christianity.” She says her children tell her that their parents are much more supportive of their faith than they previously thought they were.

King says she’s noticed that many students are becoming more open to

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