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No, not at all, so it’s good we didn’t, but you have a bit of a trick up your sleeve. The new iPhone XS’ facial recognition technology can detect that the user is holding the back of the phone at a certain angle, in order to recognize that you’re talking with Siri, and it will be set up to know when you’re holding it in various orientations.

Does that mean when I use IKEA to close the front doors by tilting them down with my left hand, it might recognize me as an IKEA person?

Well, for now, absolutely, as long as your front door handles aren’t hanging. But don’t think that every IKEA-brand item is ready for your home – and don’t call the police just yet.

What if you want to use IKEA’s app to set up a Wi-Fi-enabled alarm for your bedroom, but that doesn’t require you to unlock one?

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? To help you understand what the iPhone XS camera can do, let’s take one of the new’s coolest and most versatile features, the Face ID sensor. As you may have already guessed, Face ID is an 8MP rear-facing camera and a 2MP front camera. When you touch and hold your iPhone XS, the camera starts analyzing facial features like the eyes, but doesn’t record anything else. In fact, you likely won’t get a full-HD shot of your face just yet. Instead, it will identify various skin tones and recognize and scan your face from different angles. When you take a photo, it’ll also save it for easy future use, as you’ve no permission to upload it.

And the best part? Your phone already recognizes the person holding the phone on your face!

Do they make it possible to unlock your phone without holding it, in order to use Face ID?

Yes, but it’s not so easy to use, so we’re hoping you can do it anyway from the comfort of your home. We tried – but it’s more difficult than you think. To set up Face ID, you need to pull up your Settings app, then look to the left – you’ll see a Face ID option. From there, all you have to do is just start tapping on it. It’ll try to figure out if you have the Face ID accessory and then unlock your phone for you. That’s it! There

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