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(I really have no idea why some people think that.) But that’s the kind of talk that usually ends here.

“You should probably get on your broom, rapping on that broom, and start killing,” Orenstein says, “And I’m gonna watch while you do it.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think about it. It’s not a very important topic to me,” Hines says, which is why he doesn’t bother thinking about rapping while he’s practicing.

“I get to be the boss on the field.”

“No, I don’t have to be the boss,” says Jordan. And then he does it.

The next morning, the team is going over a new drill that was developed by Coach Stauffer after the team had taken the field the previous day and practiced it. They move the broom off the ground, and as you know, everyone in the team runs across their shoulders until the broom hits the turf. It goes all the way up to the ceiling, and then comes crashing down to the ground with a loud crash, and every time they run across their shoulders, they look up and see their teammate is just falling to the ground. It’s a drill used almost exclusively to work out the most problematic things — things that are hard to do in practice. That’s what’s happening with the team this morning, so the players try it out.

It’s an effective drill, because there’s no way to do it in practice, there’s no way to simulate, it’s just way too hard. The practice coach wants the team to perform it. “I want this team to be able to compete and play against their best, right?” Says the coach. “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish with the drills today.”

Then the ball goes around, and it comes flying down at full speed, and, Orenstein says, “The players didn’t understand what was happening. They jumped on their broom and ran across their shoulders” and that’s what ended up with one of the players getting hurt. Jordan runs over and says, “I didn’t want you to die!” and Jordan doesn’t say anything more, because he’s focused on the drills.

“Rappers have been doing it for centuries, but it’s never been done this way. You have to move a broom in a circle to make it go around to the ceiling,” Hines says. “Once your back hits the

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