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You never have to worry about money. Your music will appear here on CD from the download pages when an album is received. You can also make your own cd-ROM (a digital booklet) that you can sell for a dollar or two.

Who makes computer music?

Many musicians are computer users. In the past, computers were not so available to the public. The world of computer music began in the late 1970s when a computer called the ZX-81 was released.

When this computer was developed, it had all the music you could possibly need for your work. It was not just a workstation, it was an entire computer. But computer music was not possible. Computer music artists were forced to play instruments that were only capable of playing at a low note, or a simple chord. Some of them had to play at high note speed and other of them had to be at a fast pitch. A lot of computer music was not really computer music, but only music meant to be played. In the later years, computers became popular with computer music producers and musicians that liked to create computerized sounds for their programs.

The rise of computer music producers and artists were a result of the availability of computer equipment and the availability of music makers and singers that could create music that would work on computers. A lot of these musicians were computer hackers.

There are more than ten music producers who now make music on their personal computers and the internet. Many are self-taught. Many were not able to make music with the instruments they had at the time and needed more sophisticated instruments to make it work on the computer.

In other words, it is impossible for almost anybody to make a high quality, computer-supported CD or vinyl record at the time. People tried to make it work before the ZX-81 came out, with a few very fine, dedicated programs and the help of other people. But when it comes to digital music, computer music is the latest phenomenon. The latest computers can play and record what the computer can’t or won’t play already.

How is this different than music of the past?

For decades, music production, production, and the production of computers were all performed differently, making a lot of people very unhappy. When people wanted to make money from music, everyone thought they could, without much trouble. Music was produced in the recording studio or in places where musicians were comfortable. The artists would often record themselves playing their instruments, while

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