How do you rap on an iPhone? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easy Spirit

Well, first, you gotta pay in cash. (I used to joke about how I did it on the bus, but then I realized that there’s really no way to pay in cash.)

Then you need to sign a release saying you’re not going to spit rhymes off that phone. I signed a release to spit off my iPhone while riding the bus. After I signed the release, my agent sent the following email to me (I’ve updated it to include the actual release I received):

Dear Chris, I want you to know that we would like you to release a 2 CD box set of rhymes off an iPhone, as soon as possible. Please write back to me at my email address (inbox) and send any information you feel is relevant. Thank you. We’ll be in touch when we have further details. Sincerely, Jason K. Browner (Agent)

So now we have a release date. The only problem is, this release isn’t going to happen until I hit the road. The album isn’t exactly going to be ready for release until August, though. I was hoping to go to SXSW and take part in a panel about the album, but unfortunately SXSW is not happening until mid-March.

I can’t wait to get on the road and try to rap on an iPhone with all my friends, but until I get those funds together, the album is no longer happening.

I have no control over events outside of my control. It’s what I want to happen, and it’s what I need to happen. For my part, I’m going to do everything I can to give the album the best possible outcome and I’m doing everything within my power to make it happen. It’s frustrating to me that things don’t work out, but there’s no way in hell I’m ever going to let things like this ruin my life or career.

If you want to follow me on the road, here’s a link! I’ve got a couple of shows starting March 4th in Chicago (I’ll have a couple more updates posted to my website, so keep an eye on that).

UPDATE: I’ve been contacted by many people in Chicago, and I’m working with a few of them on figuring out how to get the album released to them. I’m not sure exactly when it will actually happen, but it will happen soon.

The good news is, I’m on the plane to the next city that this

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